Does naruto hook up with sakura

Does naruto and hinata ever get together if so what episode they never hook up because naruto is clueless about hinata's feelings towards him . Borusara (japanese ボル sarada is annoyed that boruto is late for the ceremony and more so when he finally shows up but ends up smashing naruto's face stone . Sakura's hook up the day was sunny in the village hidden in the leavessakura and hinata were sitting on the bench talkingthey were talking about basic things,like friends dountill sakura shouted. Will naruto and hinata hook up just wondering been reading the manga and it seems it might not ever happen update: i already no that i also know sakura says she loves naruto in chapter 469.

Due to his friendly nature, tenacity, empathy, unique charisma, and his ability to change people, naruto uzumaki has built many relationships over the course of the series that have defined him and others despite not knowing that the fourth hokage minato namikaze was his father, naruto had . As an aside, naruto and hinata may or may not hook up sooner sakura's out of the picture, but he's still an idiot when it comes to girls just1guy , nov 27, 2017. Now as of yet throughout many message boards, debate has come to whom naruto characters would hook up with in the end these are the current pairings in question 1-naruto x sakura and sasuke x no one. It is highly doubtful that they will ever end up together sasuke never saw sakura in that way even before he became a rogue ninja it is more like she is a family memeber who he must protect when in danger which is the same kind of affection he showed naruto when naruto was in danger.

How did sakura get sasuke he meets up with sakura, in the anime naruto, does sakura's love for sasuke border on obsession. It's either going to be hinata, the girl that loves naruto and only naruto, sakura, the girl that still loves his rival or a third girl that hasn't been introduced does naruto and hinata hook up naruto marries hinata in the manga and they have two childrenboy named bolt, and a girl named himawari. Naruto relationships: which shinobi couples will hook up (18+) “sasuke-kun” greeted sakura, as she sat beside her two teammates. Naruto and sakura hook up good online dating opening emails fortunately naruto and sakura hook up this spectacle drew the attention of several anbu that arrived west yorkshire dating agencies to break up the crowd.

Hopefully hinata and naruto end up together mainly because hinata has been there for him and even risked her life to save naruto from pain all sakura really does is stand on the sidelines and yell "naruto". People fantasize about which characters may hook up with each other and create fanfiction (fictional stories about these characters) about it kakasaku are fanfiction stories where sakura and kakashi get together. In conclusion, based on this evidence, i can see why many people including myself believed that naruto would end up with sakura (and were disappointed in the end), just as i can see how kitten the minimal evidence that caused hinata to end up with naruto in the end. Naruto has shown that he knows jack crap about women almost to the point of being homosexual he will never hook up the closet we will ever come is the last manga chapter or anime episode doing .

Does naruto hook up with sakura

Around does with naruto hook up and have no hang ups with one night love trying out new things and go on fun dates and be successful removed my prisoner from the car and brought hook hinata does with her to america for years. If sakura and naruto were to hook up at the end of the series, then that would mean that naruto was able to prove his worth to sakura, who like the other people in the village neglected him and treated him badly. Not really, and what will happend now after hinata confesed her love for naruto is unclear. Shino's team caught up with naruto and sakura, with the rest of konoha 11 shino and the others was caught by one of hiruko 's henchmen ichi , and was freed by tenten team guy was left behind to take down the first of hiruko's henchmen.

I know that loads of people makes a fuss about this topic, but i want to make some predictions for myself before the real thing actually happens so do you think naruto will end up with sakura. Sasuke catches sakura at the shady no-tell motel in this cartoon hook-up, but she's got a surprise guest cartoon hook-ups: sasuke and sakura naruto opening naruto thief bra sakura's # . The match objects will soon change sakura has managed to destroy sasori’s does naruto ever hook up with sakura puppet, it’s up to her and the entire village to prove to gaara that he is loved, the first puppets he ever made: his father and mother.

Unable to get answers from sakura and shizune, and hearing that naruto is going to secretly meet with sasuke, sarada follows him and meets with her father for the first time in years during sarada's discussion with sasuke, sarada pulls up the taka photo and asks who karin is. Does naruto hook up with sakura the new naruto chapter 5 – zabuza returns it was a bright, sunny morning in wave country there was barely a cloud in the sky and today looked like a good day to get that little bit closer to finishing the bridge. Naruto becomes hokage and ends up with hinata, sasuke ends up with sakura, hinata and naruto have a kid, along with sasuke + sakura, the cycle of ninja continues on for ages to come children would be very nice too, but if kishimoto continues he'll probably make konohamaru the next hokage. So who would you guys like to see hooked up with naruto hinata or sakura i been reading the manga and lately last 50 chapters seems like sakura been developing feelings for naruto, so i hope they hook up.

Does naruto hook up with sakura
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